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Cause for Autism Finally Found: Dihydrogen Monoxide and ASDs

New research has come to light showing a direct link between Dihydrogen Monoxide and Autism. The figures are damning – it has been shown that around one hundred percent of people on the Autism Spectrum have been exposed to the chemical, usually in liquid form, at some point in their lives.

While some people believe the correlative link may simply be by chance, others are hesitant about taking the risk. Jamil, 31, from Exeter, said that ‘the link may or may not be there, but it’s a chance [he’s] not willing to take.’ Since, he has vowed to cut exposure down to an absolute minimum, cutting out foodstuffs that contain it, in a diet he has pertained to as the ‘Astronaut Diet’.

It’s understandable that this is pretty shocking, and I think we can safely say we have found the cause for Autism. I, for one, intend to cut down on this dangerous compound. This ‘dihydrogen monoxide’, or ‘water’, as it’s often called, should be handled with care.